We can all achieve more together than we can alone. South Gate Creative Writing School cooperates with organizations in Denmark and abroad to share each other's talents and effort.

Whether other institutions, agencies, conferences or businesses, South Gate is an active member of our community, to the benefit of you and all involved.


South Gate Creative Writing School is an institutional member of the European Association of Creative Writing Programs, whose aim is to strengthen ties between all in Europe involved in the field. EACWP works to organize and promote academic and pedagogical exchanges, international conferences and symposiums, and the dissemination of initiatives and information about learning and teaching creative writing.


South Gate Creative Writing School is a member of the UK-based National Association of Writers in Education, which supports the development of creative writing in all genres and in all educational and community settings.


Trekanten Library and Culture House in East Aalborg was the original home to South Gate Creative Writing School. Trekanten helps local residents realize their cultural aspirations via its library, café, theater, music practice space, state-of-the-art makerspace, and businesses that promote culture and arts within the community.

Ordkraft Literature Festival

Ordkraft's focus is the word, and to show its power and possibilities to all age groups, emphasizing literature's interaction with drama, music, film, visual arts, debate and other cultural forms.

South Gate Creative Writing School has attended the annual Ordrkaft Literature Festival since 2014, providing workshops, networking, promoting SGS, and learning from other authors.

Fantasy Festival

The Fantasy Festival in Esbjerg is one of the fastest-growing events in Denmark. This annual festival hosts authors, lectures, workshops, vendors, illustrators, and artists who are all passionate about fantasy books, games, role playing, and more.

The South Gate school of creative writing has participated in the festival since 2014, marketing SGS and its student authors, and facilitating connections between authors and publishers.

Region Nordjylland

Region Nordjylland has awarded grants to South Gate Creative Writing School to promote culture and art within the community. Through these grants, SGS has offered creative writing workshops to aspiring authors in northern Denmark, and supported an academic conference featuring scholars from around Europe.

Aalborg University

Aalborg University has partnered with South Gate Creative Writing School to connect students from both schools via workshops and masterclasses that promote cross-functional knowledge sharing in creative writing, literary criticism, and visual culture. Collaborations have included events on worldbuilding, narratology, adaptation, sociolinguistics, femicide, criminology, and intermediality.

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