South Gate Creative Voices is a channel to promote the students of South Gate, their creative works, and their perspectives on classic and contemporary storytelling. Enjoy Voices here:

South Gate Creative Voices

The Project

The Voices project gives students a venue for performing or producing their creations, for the benefit of the channel's audience and the students' personal experience in media production.

As a YouTube channel, Voices is able to reach millions of potential viewers, and deliver a range of works including spoken word, audio drama, music, and video.

South Gate Creative Voices

South Gate Creative Writing School assists production to achieve a professional result. For spoken word performances, students deliver a selection of public domain classics as well as their original writings, whether poetry, short story, or excerpt from a larger work.

Students also have the possibility of producing or directing audio or audio-visual productions, whether podcast-style commentary, interviews, audio drama, or film, subject to availability of production resources. Students are encouraged to propose projects that might realize their creative visions impressively.

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