The People

The people of South Gate Creative Writing School are the very heart of the unique education you will receive here. South Gate’s instructors are educated writers, published authors, artists, academics, and business people who have joined to create this unique experience.

South Gate's able students represent a new generation of curious and diverse creatives. Their passion to grow and pursue the dream of writing fuels and inspires the school every day.


Emmett Falcon

Emmett's projects focus on a mix of genres and mediums with a heavy basis in traditional fantasy. He is working on four novels: The Wieldling, Heroes, Bottled Fate, and Tales of the Broken. Emmett is also writing an audio drama called Days Bygone, and a screenplay entitled IVITSA.

Johanna Carter

Johanna is interested in horror, crime, romance and symbolism. She has written a novel entitled Forbidden Love, a script entitled Hedone, flash fiction, and several short stories. Her second novel is a fairytale-retelling of The Sleeping King. Her horror short stories have appeared in The Horror Zine.

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Emil E. Bulut

Emil is a screenwriter who explores the dark and mundane aspects of humanity. They are working on a pilot script for a post-apocalyptic drama, which subverts fantasy tropes. Emil has written and directed several short films, such as STEPS.

Chiara Facciolo

Chiara focuses on screenplays and short stories in multiple genres. Their latest work was writing and directing a short film called The Real Story of Lemon Boy. Chiara is currently working on a new collection of short stories entitled Andrea.

Matt Null

Matt focuses on complex storylines that mix traditional and dark fantasy, sci-fi, cosmic horror, and philosophical elements. He is currently working on three novels in his Fragments series: Mirror of Blue and Gold, Curse of Greed, and The Purge.

Noa Mouritzen-Ward

Noa is a screenwriter who is heavily inspired by his love for 80s sci-fi and body horror. He is currently working on his psychological horror manuscript, Down by the Water’s Edge. Noa is also writing an animated comedy he co-created, called Da Shmuckas.

Burt Burlington

Burt's writing expresses his curiosity in cosmology, philosophy, and psychology. For the last four years he has focused on writing screenplays for short films and feature film adaptations. Having written previously in Dutch, he is now writing literary Fantasy and Science Fiction in English.

Cora Bünker

Cora focuses on young adult novels but is currently writing a book of essays and poetry, which she also enjoys. Her dream is to publish young adult novels informed by her experience, and in order to help others.

Emely Gottwald

Emely writes young-adult novels focusing on the coming-of-age experience in today’s world, and queer representation. She is also working on a poetry collection including themes of romance and heartbreak.

Erwin S. Urban

Erwin is passionate about poetry and screenwriting in multiple genres, while focusing on gothic and folklore. His current work consists of screenplays and world building for a gothic mystery series, and building his poetry repertoire. Other interests include theatre and drawing.

Jussi Saloheimo

Jussi is a theatre artist with a love for sci-fi, philosophy, intimate stages, mental health care, and cynical humor. They are currently working on a play about living with OCD, and a screenplay about escapism and virtual realities. Jussi is graduate of Lahti Academy of Fine Arts in Finland, and has worked in Leipäteatteri and Alekstanterin teatteri. Jussi has written several plays, including HAPPY! - oikotie onneen, Merisaarna, and Sherlock Holmes: Merkityksettömyyden arvoitus.

Katrina Belinska

Katrina is interested in crime, mysteries, musicals, and theatre and likes to combine all four. She also enjoys writing poetry and screenplays. Right now Katrina is working on a musical called Cur$ed which focuses on how six different lives are affected by money, and a short musical based on Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians.


Alicia Schulze-Makuch

Alicia’s writing ranges from quirky fantastical middle-grade to adult fantasy, dark fairy tales, and paranormal crime. Alicia also works as the Administrative Manager at South Gate Creative Writing School.

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Pauline la Petite

Paulines projects include an adult coloring book/poetry collection and a taboo-breaking self-help book for young women. Her writing focuses on non-fiction and poetry. Her poem Hey, du was published in the German encyclopedia Frankfurter Bibliotheken 2021. Pauline works as a freelance copywriter, journalist, editor, and conceptor. She has worked with Neoh, Lukas Dürnegger, NEUNZIGGRAD, and Stanglwirt, and writes for the magazine OMNIpages.

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Trine Heebøll Nygaard

Trine is interested in crime writing, suspense, and thriller. Her first novel is entitled Safe. Trine graduated from theater high school HF MusT. Her interests also include theater and sketching.

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Jesper V. Nielsen

Jesper's writing focus at South Gate Creative Writing School is epic fantasy, poetry slamming and spoken word performance, translation, and worldbuilding. His first fantasy novel is entitled Soulbound, and Jesper has two books of poetry published: Light in Darkness and Introverted.

Maria Sjöstrand

Maria earned her BFA: Creative Writing (Summa Cum Laude) with a specialty in Popular Fiction from South Gate Creative Writing School. She wrote Saving Hell while studying at South Gate, and she is currently working on a second YA novel. Maria’s writing interests lie in fantasy, comedy, character development, and dialogue.

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Emilie Sandbye

Emilie earned her BFA: Creative Writing with a focus on Popular Fiction from South Gate Creative Writing School. Her first seven Epic-Fantasy novels are signed with Mellemgaard publisher. The first three are entitled The Newborns, The Facets of the Slum, and The Goddess of the Red Moon. Emilie is currently working on her fifth novel in the same series. Her literary interests are fantasy, literary analysis, character development, gender studies, and worldbuilding.

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Samuel Mork Bednarz

Samuel earned his BFA: Creative Writing with a focus on Popular Fiction from South Gate Creative Writing School. While at South Gate, he wrote a historical fiction novel entitled Love Your Enemy. Samuel’s interests are popular and literary fiction, philosophy, graphic design, and filmmaking. After graduating South Gate, Samuel was accepted into the Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media.

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LeAnne Kline Christiansen

LeAnne is the director of South Gate Creative Writing School. She attended Pennsylvania State University where she earned her BA: Communications and MFA (Magna Cum Laude): Creative Writing. She has published short stories and poetry, and is currently working on multiple book projects. LeAnne has worked in Los Angeles in the film and music industries, in production, a motion picture literary department, and advertising and marketing. She teaches Romance, Mystery & Crime, Fairy Tales, Business, Academic Writing, Bullies, Bitches & Bastards, Writing Monsters, Screenwriting, and more.

Sascha Christensen

Sascha attended Aalborg University, earning a degree in Psychology (2011). She won the 2010 Orla Award for Best Young Adult fantasy for her debut novel The Humble Amulet (Den Ydmyge Amulet). She has since published The Unnatural (2010), The Witch's Heir (2011), The Frozen Temple (2012), The Witch's Helper (2014), and The Witch’s Mark (2017). Sascha is currently signed with Lindhardt and Ringhof. She teaches The Perfect Sentence, Story Structure Architecture, Creating Unforgettable Characters, and Polishing Your Work.

Leslie Crislip Nielsen

Leslie attended The University of Akron, The Ohio State University, and Ashland University, earning degrees in English Language and Literature (BA, MA), Gender Studies (Cert.), and Writing (MFA). Leslie writes poetry and long fiction, and works as an illustrator and translator. Leslie teaches Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, Nature Writing, Text Art, and other workshops at South Gate Creative Writing School.

Amalie Rusborg

Amalie attended Aalborg University and Bemidji State University, and has an MA in English and Cultural Studies. She writes fantasy for adults and young adults a la Brothers Grimm meets Studio Ghibli. She teaches Business, Practicum, Workshops, and more.

Guest Lecturers

Steen L. Christiansen

Steen earned his Ph.D. in English at Aalborg University, where he is currently a full professor of Popular Visual Culture. Steen has published books and articles about film, science fiction, and critical theory. Steen teaches Science Fiction, Fantasy, Transmedia, Narrative Complexity, and Literary Theory.

Daniel Vejrgang Nielsen

Daniel uses his higher education work experience in his role as Operations Manager for South Gate Creative Writing School. He attended Aalborg University and earned his MA in English and Media Studies (2016), where he did his thesis on narrative discontinuity in comic books. Daniel teaches Study Skills, Business, and collaborative storytelling using Dungeons & Dragons. Daniel’s interest in world-building takes inspiration from writers such as Tolkien and Sapkowski.

Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Victoria is the author of more than twenty books, a top writer on Medium, instructor, and consultant. With a Ph.D in electronic engineering, Victoria has background in semiconductor physics, information technology, and business development. Victoria came up with the term Self-Gamification, a playful self-help approach that brings anthropology, kaizen, and gamification together to improve quality of life.

Silke Wadskjær Mølgaard

Silke is an online content creator and book reviewer who founded the Instagram page Silkreads in 2015. She writes reviews in collaboration with a range of international publishing houses, and has produced social media campaigns for companies such as Lego and Daniel Wellington. Silke teaches Social Media, and is currently completing her BA and MA degrees in English and Cultural Studies at Aalborg University.

Dennis Friedrichsen

Dennis is a PhD student at Justus Liebig University in Germany where he works with worldbuilding and atmospheres in speculative fiction. He wrote his MA thesis on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion at Aalborg University, and is particularly interested in fantasy literature and fictional worlds. Dennis has taught courses on academic writing, literary theory, worldbuilding in fiction, and on authors such as Tolkien, Lovecraft, and Ursula K. Le Guin.

Project Advisors

Pia Grønbæk Pedersen

Pia attended Aalborg University where she earned her BA: History and MA: English Language and Literature degrees. Pia has edited a range of academic books and articles, and has professional experience in publishing. She is currently working on a book about UK theater and society, and a collection of erotic short fiction.

Louise Rams

Louise is a psychologist and Danish non-fiction author who began her writing career in 2010, when she published a book about her year in Vietnam running an eco-friendly B&B with her family. Louise has explored feminist topics in Women’s Desire (2014) and Shame (2017), and has illuminated the creative process in Living a Creative Life (2018) and Write It (2019).

Phillip Stuben

Phillip Stuben, a multi-nominated and 2016 Emmy Award Winner in television is an external examiner at South Gate Creative Writing School who evaluates the semester project in Transmedia. His credits include: The Bachelor, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Hell’s Kitchen, and Temptation Island.

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