The Place

You have probably heard about Denmark and how the Danes are among the happiest people on Earth. We don't know exactly why, but one reason may be our overwhelming support and love of the arts here.

In Denmark's Nordjylland (North Jutland), creative cultural projects abound in music, fine art, film, and stage. This nurturing environment is the ideal host for South Gate Creative Writing School, Europe's only 4-year creative writing program that focuses on popular trends and the business of writing.

Online students are invited to join any and all events taking place in Denmark, and whether you attend South Gate online or in Nordjylland, you’ll feel connected to the school’s spirit and culture.

Jørgen Olufsen's Store

The South Gate school of creative writing resides within the historic Jørgen Olufsen's Store, a maritime merchant exchange built in 1616 by Aalborg's future mayor.Jørgen Olufsen's Store

This inspiring site is steps away from the Aalborg Castle, countless cafes, restaurants, shops, student hangouts and the fjord. Climb the steps and enter a little piece of Denmark's Renaissance past.

The 196m2 space has a classroom, office, gaming room, canteen, kitchenette, multi-purpose rooms and spacious student lounge.


In the area known as Northern Jutland, the city of Aalborg boasts a cosmopolitan environment teeming with students. The city hosts large concerts, conventions and cultural events, and its waterfront is transforming to complement the natural beauty of the adjoining fjord. Aalborg's downtown area features contemporary stores and boutiques, as well as a thriving nightlife.


Find your muse in the areas surrounding Aalborg: Viking burial sites like Lindholm Høje, toppled WWII bunkers on the beach in Løkken, nature preserves in Jammerbugt county, castles and manor houses, “Hyggeligt” Christmas markets, Legoland, and much more.

On this northern peninsula of Denmark, you'll be stimulated by the cold seas surrounding you, and the warm people whose history they'll gladly share for your entertainment and inspiration.


Denmark is perfectly situated in Europe as a place to live, travel, and feed your creativity. Traveling the small county, you'll see peaceful, pastoral scenery, from the dunes and heather at the sea, to Germany below and beyond. Take a ferry to Norway or Sweden, a road-trip to Berlin or Amsterdam, or a short flight to London, Spain or Italy.


Only a short ride away, Copenhagen exemplifies all that Denmark has to offer in its modern and historical architecture, rich history, and its happy, healthy and prosperous people.

You'll find Denmark to be a progressive society and a place to achieve your dreams as a student and resident.

On the Web

Since attending South Gate in Aalborg is not feasible or preferable for some students, you have the option to attend the program online. Live courses are offered simultaneously via streaming video, including two-way interaction between you, classmates, and instructor.

Distance Learning Session

Recorded lectures and class materials are likewise available online, and whether attending online or in Aalborg, all students exchange and submit writings and other coursework electronically.

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